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Steel Framing Systems

Steel Framing is a quick and clean method of construction used globally in over 80 countries. SFS is an efficient for residential and light commercial low rise construction and requires low man-hours to construct. Being a dry method of construction means there is no requirement for slow wet trades and most services can be integrated into the frame at fabrication stage reducing the overall building program and cost. The high thermal and acoustic performance makes it the sustainable choice for low lifecycle and operational costs

  • SFS Panelized Structures

This is the most common method of load bearing steel frame in today’s market. The load bearing frames arrive on site preassembled and ready for installation. Frames can typically be installed in a number of days for a standard house or villa allowing other services to commence much sooner

  • Internal Partitions Systems

Typically used for large commercial projects our internal partitioning systems are fast and cost effective. All openings and service provisions can be captured at the fabrication stage ensuring each panel arrives at site ready to be installed. Most heights can be achieved and depending on the layout it is possible to free stand our partitions as they require minor primary structure support making it the ideal replacement for block and render. Bespoke designs for high bay walling and bulkheads are also available

  • Facades And Envelopes

Using panelized framing is a fast way to close a building envelope and can be installed from the inside of a building. All window openings can be integrated in the frame prior to installation. Due to cavity wall the panels offer greater thermal performance and energy efficiencies

- Infill panels span from structural floor to soffit and can be installed rapidly with a small team of labor

- Continuous panels are independent to the primary structure and stacked on top of each other. They are anchored at each levels using adjustable cleats set out prior to installation. Panels may also be delivered to site with prefinished exterior cladding

  • Light Industrial

Whether you’re looking for a storage warehouse, factory, workshop, cold stores or a simple shed there’s a SFS solution for any light industrial application. The client has the option of selecting one of the predesigned structures avoiding costly design and engineering expenses. Automated rollforning allows rapid production meaning your building can be delivered much sooner than traditional methods. Our back to back column and beam combination allows us to achieve spans up to 24m and greater upon request

Modular Buildings

BBs unique modular building design is one of the most advanced in today’s market. Modules are assembled in the factory including MEP and finishes then transported to site as a completed product. The main advantage of modular is speed and accuracy; this is due to the production line method of construction where greater quality control procedures can be maintained. Modules come in standard sizes and can be arranged to suit most residential/commercial layouts. Load, Fire and Acoustic performance can be engineered to meet the requirements of any project specification.

The Process

Design Phase

  • Module Size
  • Configuration
  • Performance
  • Layout
  • Internal Finishes

Manufacture Stage

  • Steel Frame Module
  • MEP Services
  • Internal External Linings
  • Testing and Commissioning

Installation Stage

  • Lifting into Position on Site
  • External Finishes and Features
  • Utility Hook Ups

Suitable Applications

  • Eco Pods and Bungalows
  • Hotels
  • PAC Accommodation
  • Villas
General Contracting

As our primary business since 2004 we have established a reliable contracting service with a reputation for quality, fast track projects. Our design and build systems based approach gives us a different prospective to drive efficiencies and bring greater value to our clients. Our experienced management team have vast knowledge of the industry and region offering a renowned service that is tried and tested. 

  • Design and Build Projects
  • Project Management
  • Design
    - Architectural
    - Structural
    - MEP
  • Infrastructure
  • Structural
  • MEP
  • Fit Out
  • Communications
  • Landscape and external works

Blizzard Brothers have been established in GCC region since 2004. During this period they have established themselves as a market leader in the turn key interior business.


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