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Light Gauge Steel Structures
Design / Engineering

The in house team can provide a steel frame solution for any construction requirement from concept through to engineering and detailing. Working with clients on a design and build basis allows the team to offer a more efficient and sustainable end product. A value engineered solution can be offered to clients that have existing plans who are looking for a faster, more affordable structure opposed to conventional methods of construction. Like for like a steel frame building will far exceed the performance of conventional type concrete with compromising specification. Concept, Architectural design, Structural design/calculations and advice of the a more efficient design for your project are all part of the in-house package solution.





The local 4500m2 factory is equipped with the state-of-the-art automated rollforming machines. The production CAD file is read by the rollformer which will determine the length of the profile whilst making provisions for connections and services within the steel member. Each individual member is joined to assemble its intended frame. Frames are connected together with S/S rivets via pneumatic equipment. Once the frame has passed its quality inspection it is then stored upright in a stillage ready for transport to the project. Production capacity is 2.5m ton per annum which equates to an average of 100,000m2 of built up area (structure).





The qualified and experienced operations team forms a one stop construction solution taking any project from site enablement to finished product. The unique construction method allows a reduction in foundation size and less time with the sub-structure works. Once the foundation is complete the steel frames can be erected. Each frame is manageable by hand which means no requirement for cranes or lifting equipment during the erection process. Once the frames has been installed and inspected by the engineer MEP and cladding works can commence. Due to the “Dry” method of construction there is no need for curing times within the structure considerably reducing construction program.


Blizzard Brothers have been established in GCC region since 2004. During this period they have established themselves as a market leader in the turn key interior business.


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